In a society where styles are so diverse, deciding on a company dress code can come with challenges. Business casual is no longer a commonly recognized term so companies are working to create dress codes that will allow their employees freedom to chose what to wear, while continuing to represent their company well through their appearance. A major car company announced recently that it would be changing it’s 10-page dress code to just two words, “Dress Appropriately.” This change came with some challenges internally for the company but was applauded by many who looked on from the outside. While our culture increasingly desires freedom of expression, this dress code can come with some difficulties. One is, “What is appropriate?” There is no set standard in our culture and what one may find appropriate, another may find unsuitable for a position or even offensive. This can leave employees confused as to what to wear each day and require managers to oversee an area more thoroughly that was not an area of focus in the past.

A major airline recently ran into a problem with their very similar dress code for their passengers. A Houston doctor was boarding a plane to return from Jamaica after a vacation with her son. She wore a romper, a popular summer clothing item. She was approached by a flight attendant and asked to either cover up with a blanket or be removed from the flight. While this airline does list their dress code when customers are purchasing tickets, their vague statement of “Dress Appropriately” has left many frustrated or confused when they are asked to change for a flight. What one person deemed as appropriate was not seen as appropriate by others.

WM Uniform wants to help take the frustration away from you and your employees, allowing for managers to focus on the work that needs to be done and employees to feel confident in what they are wearing each day. Providing a company uniform not only removes the guess work for employees, it also showcases your company’s brand when items are personalized with your logo. WM Uniform offers a variety of uniform products, outerwear and corporate apparel ranging from casual to dressy. All items can be customized through embroidery or screen printing and uniforms can even be picked up, washed and delivered weekly. Let us help you showcase your brand, provide employee confidence and ensure managers can put their attention where it is truly needed each day.