New Service for You

Each new year brings many opportunities to start fresh. This could mean learning a new skill, changing a life habit or making plans to discover a new place. Starting something new can bring excitement but it can also be met with apprehension. You may start to question whether the plans will work, if the change will make things easier or harder in the long run and if the work to change will be worth it in the end. Many people stay where they are currently even if they know it isn’t best because the time and process needed to make a change seems more daunting than staying in their current situation. WM Uniform wants to make switching as easy as possible for you.

When you think of your current uniform service provider, are you frustrated by the quality of the items being returned each week? Are you tired of not knowing what your bill will be from month to month because of hidden charges and fees that randomly show up on your statement? Does switching your employee workforce into all new garments seem like a time-consuming task? This is where WM Uniform wants to make a difference. We work hard to make the process of switching to our services as seamless as possible. Our current four step process takes the worry out of the decision and allows you to focus on your current job responsibilities without adding to your load.

If your company is considering a change in service, please give us a call today. A uniform rental program combined with mat rental, towel rental and restroom products, all without contracts and no hidden fees, can give your company the new look they need in this new year.

New Service from WM Uniform

The Detroit Metro area has produced many icons in music, fashion and trade. From fashion brand Anna Sui to American auto makers Ford, General Motors & Fiat Chrysler to music greats like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and The Temptations. The Detroit area has a history of great products built from hard work. WM Uniform is a company with these same qualities. Founded in 1963, WM Uniform strives to provide excellent service based on the values of honesty, integrity and excellence. Their contract free service means they work hard to earn their customers’ loyalty year after year.

And now, WM Uniform is ready to join these ranks in the greater metro Detroit area. If your company does business in this area or you know of companies who would benefit from our Contract Free service, contact us today. We look forward to continuing to work hard to provide excellent service to even more locations throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan.