Just a month ago, if anyone had told us our country and our world would be where we are today, we may not have believed them. In a short amount of time, many things in our lives have changed or may even feel as though they have turned upside down. Travel plans have been altered or canceled, working remotely has become more of the norm and the ability to interact with each other in person has been removed. While these times are challenging and it is hard to know what other challenges may lay ahead, it is helpful to look at the good that is happening despite the struggles.

Many companies are stepping up to provide services they never have before. Distilleries and other businesses are making hand sanitizer so it is available to those who need it. Textile companies are now shifting their focus to make face masks for the healthcare community. Local counseling centers are offering free services to those who may be struggling with feelings of hopelessness or confusion during these hard times. And many other needs are being met.

When Gord Van Tuinen founded WM Uniform in 1963, he was determined to provide services to customers without the use of contracts, something that others in the industry did not do. He felt that if he worked hard to treat his employees fairly and to build relationships with his customers, those relationships and quality service would be the determining factors for continuing to do business with WM Uniform, not the pressure of a contract.

In these times, that determination to build quality relationships with employees and customers has not changed. WM Uniform, like many other companies, has had to make adjustments to how we operate to do our best to keep our employees safe and healthy. But even now, we are working hard to provide essential products and services to customers in industries like healthcare and food processing which are crucial to serving the needs of our community. While we are not sure how long these temporary disruptions will last, we do know that we all do better when we look out for the needs of others and work hard to serve each other. WM Uniform is here to support our employees, customers and suppliers any way we can and we are encouraged everyday by the way we hear of others caring for each other because we truly are better together.