Uniform Cleaning Process

Our uniform cleaning system means each piece is treated with care as it is processed through the plant, ensuring quality products are delivered to each customer. Follow the step-by-step process below:

Washer & Dryer Stations

Soiled garments are loaded into our high capacity washers and dryers.

Garment Hangers

Garment hangers place clean items on hangers.

Steam Tunnel

Items are sent through the steam tunnel so they are pressed and ready to wear for each customer.


Our inspection team checks over each item, looking for holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. If needed repairs are found, items are tagged for mending.


Our mending team checks each item’s report, submitted either by the inspection team or the customer and provides the needed repairs. If needed, a work order for a replacement garment is submitted if an item no longer meets our quality standards.


Garments are then stored until all items for a customer are completed. Once all items are stored, they are then sent to the sort station.

Sort Station

At our sort station, garments are sorted by wearer, and then folded and wrapped.

Truck Loading

Customer Service Representatives (Drivers) load their trucks, preparing for delivery the next business day.