WMU Update 11-19 (1)
WMU Update 11-19 (1)

Why Choose WM Uniform for your Uniform Rental service?

WM Uniform provides Uniform Rental throughout Michigan, all without a contract to sign.

Excellent service & fair prices create customer loyalty year after year.

Experience the NO CONTRACT Difference

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What Our Customers Are Saying About WM Uniform

We were hesitant to switch to WM Uniform because we were concerned the process of transitioning from one service provider to another would be too challenging to navigate, especially with such a critical element of our business. However, WM Uniform made the transition seamless. Not only did they spend time with us on the front end learning about our business and our needs to ensure the transition went smoothly, but they were also able to provide a better product at a lower price in a more convenient fashion as compared to our previous service provider. It has been a major win for our business at every level. Our only regret is that we did not move our business to WM Uniform sooner!

Dutch Treat Foods

Landscape Design Services has been using WM Uniform’s service for many years; during this time we have found the service to be outstanding. The CSRs and office personnel are courteous and helpful. Being somewhat familiar on a first hand basis with WM Uniform’s competitors, I can assure you there is little comparison with the standard of service we receive from WM Uniform. Service, quality and price; WM Uniform is the clear choice, there is no doubt about it.

Landscape Design Services

We have been using WM Uniform for many years and have been very happy with your services. Your employees have always been very neat, professional, and honest. Whenever we have questions or changes, they are addressed in a timely manner. If there is ever a problem it is always taken care of. We are happy with the uniforms and the way they are maintained. The office help has always been polite dealing with billings. I would recommend WM Uniform to any business.

OK Tire Stores, Inc.

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