National Bulk Equipment, Inc.

NBE started working with West Michigan Uniform in 1975. We are a custom machine builder and we require durable uniforms, mats, and service. In 1996 we decided it was time to review other alternatives and we interviewed several sources. We were sold on one of West Michigan Uniform’s competitors because they promised us better service and better pricing. Since we had no contract with West Michigan Uniform, we cancelled the service and signed up with the competitor; and, yes we had to sign a contract. As we got into the new plan there were hidden fees, low quality uniforms, and horrible service. It was a horrible mistake to switch from West Michigan Uniform. We worked with the competitor for almost 3 years. We tried to make it work, but nothing mattered. Everything was a battle with them. Finally, we were able to cancel our contract and called West Michigan Uniform again.

We started back with them in 1999 and have never regretted it once. They provide:

  1. Fair pricing
  2. Incredible service and response time
  3. Higher quality uniforms
  4. A family business environment

We have now also given them all of our embroidery business for our hats, shirts, etc. They are providing us full service and it is wonderful.

I made a mistake and tried to save money for our company, but all it did was cost us money and time. I highly recommend West Michigan Uniform and I have been totally satisfied ever since switching back to them.


‪Elhart Automotive


Jeff Elhart of Elhart Automotive in Holland, Michigan shares why his company has been doing business with West Michigan Uniform for almost 40 years. Elhart’s automotive technicians and mechanics use WMU’s weekly uniform delivery services and the sales staff also wears the pressed logo shirt. In addition to not having to iron a dress shirt each day, the sales staff appreciate the walking advertisement that the shirts provide. Elhart says, “West Michigan is a great company to do business with. We look forward to working with them for decades in the future.”


JMS Incorporated, Formerly Jordan Machine

Harold Jordan, President of Jordan Machine in Holland, MI, talks about the seamless transition of his business’ uniform rental service provided by West Michigan Uniform. The quality service and turn-key transition went very smoothly and gave him a chance to focus on his business instead of worrying about his employees not having good looking uniforms. He says, “This kind of service is unequaled.”


Bil-Mac Corporation

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for the excellent service that we have come to expect from West Michigan Uniform over the years. Many times we take these efforts for granted, but as a small business it does not go unnoticed. As you are aware, we have been approached by several competitors who claim they can offer better pricing, service, and quality; but after evaluating all these offers we have never found a reason to justify the change. BMC and West Michigan Uniform have enjoyed a long term relationship that we believe goes beyond a proposal.

We appreciate the service and in particular our weekly contact with our CSR and AR. Both individuals are excellent representatives for your company. The new plant and office uniforms have received some very positive compliments. Once again, please pass along our appreciation to all the employees at West Michigan Uniform who have exhibited pride and commitment to providing the best service, delivery, and quality.