Mat Rental

Mat Rental Available Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

70% of the dirt that enters your facility is tracked in on people’s shoes (one pound for every 1,000 people). Professionally maintained mats reduce tracked in dirt by 80%, saving up to $800 in maintenance costs for every pound of dirt stopped.

Mat Rental

Classic (Colorstar) Mats

Colorstar mats are made with PET, a type of polyester yarn that features 50% recycled content reclaimed from plastic drink bottles


Logo Mat

Logo (Colorstar Impressions) Mats

PET mat personalized with your company’s logo


Scraper Mat

Scraper Mats

Cushioned mat made of high-density closed cell nitrile rubber


Anti-Fatigue Mats

Cushioned rubber mat with drainage holes, allowing liquids to flow through


Water Hog Plus Mats

Water dam border holds moisture while raised nubs keep dirt below foot level