Towel Rental Available Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

We offer a variety of towels that can be used for cleaning or customer use, perfect for restaurants, gyms, retail stores and many other industries. With different delivery schedules available, we can drop off bundles of folded, clean towels to meet your needs.

Towel Rental

Shop Towels

Made to last, these standard weight shop towels are designed to keep cleaning quick and efficient. The route-ready shop towels are composed of 100% cotton for a quality clean.

Bar Towels

Center striped, terry bar towels ensure that your location always has a fresh, clean look. These quality towels are made of 100% premium cotton and feature a low pile maxi mop.

Towel Rental

Microfiber Towels

Cleaning is a breeze with microfiber towels. Made of 100% microfiber polyester, their lint free active absorption means they absorb more water than an average cleaning cloth.

Kitchen Towels

Keep your kitchen clean during even the busiest business hours. These kitchen towels help get the job done with quality, 100% cotton fabric in a herringbone twill.

Also available for rental:

  • White Bath Towels
  • White Hand Towels
  • White Washcloths